Designing learning experiences


Client: Skilltransfers
Role: UX/UI Designer
Date: Oct 2020 – current

Skilltransfers is a web tool designed for learning communities with the aim to connect students and mentors and construct a professional pool where people boost their skills and keep knowledge alive. A learning management system that helps to keep track of the skills of the members in communities or organizations.

Figma, Hotjar, Google Analytics, Adobe CS, Miro.

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Project Brief

Skilltransfers has been developing its product for the last year but never conducted any user research or usability tests. They wanted to know how the users perceive and use the product, what to improve and how to develop further efficiently.


1. Evaluate current UI
2. Devise a UX strategy
3. Propose and implement changes
4. Streamline design-dev operations


I started by reading available studies and statistics on e-learning, blended learning, and personal development. This helped formulate questions for the user research which I conducted next. Results thereof & usability tests that I performed served as the basis for devising a UX strategy which I did together with the Skilltransfers team. In the next step, I wireframed and tested new solutions, created a hi-fi design together with the in-house visual designer. As the final step, I introduced a solid design system in Figma and watched over the implementation of new designs. A detailed description of the process is available as a case study.

Read Case Study
mockup of web application skilltransfers
mockup iphone with skilltransfers learning interface


UX Strategy

Skilltransfers now has a clear qualitative and quantitative understanding of the current user experience and a detailed vision for the experience the team wants to create.

Improved UI

Preliminary prototype testing has shown improvements in how users interact with the product, especially in increased trust and engagement.

Design operations by 60 % faster

The newly implemented component-based approach makes creating designs 60 % faster as the measuring before/after has shown.

Want to know more? Read Case Study

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