Design for folks that don’t make it to the gym


Client: BBody Online
Role: UX/UI Designer
Date: Jan 2019

In this freelance project for a fitness trainer, I built a complete online portal that offers exercise videos, training accessories, and nutrition counseling.

Figma, Hotjar, Google Analytics, Adobe CS, Miro.

#ux #ui #web-dev #seo

Understand the Business and Product

I arranged several sessions with the client where we discussed target customers, sales channels, and key activities. This helped my client see her business model more clear.

Understand the Users

I remote-interviewed several users, envisioned the context, and compared competitors’ websites. This helped me understand the users and define the desired interaction.

Translating the Concept into Design

I drafted a sitemap, wireframes, and found a copywriter who delivered the texts. In the next step, I defined color and typography, selected a suitable WordPress theme, and created final designs.

As a bonus, I helped my client set up a recording studio and helped her make the first training videos.

Website Development

I built the website and e-shop using WordPress, WooCommerce, Visual Composer and optimized it for SEO, and social media. Where necessary, I modified the front-end code to match the proposed designs and interactions.
See it live at

Improved Usability

Data from installed Hotjar and Google Analytics revealed some minor usability issues which I identified and fixed.

Automated Content Creation

As a bonus, I wrote apple scripts that help my client extract gifs from work-out videos and optimize the video size right from the QuickTime player. I’ve also automated the process of inserting new videos on the platform.

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