photo vanessa vence

Vanessa Vence
Teacher Assistant
IronHack Amsterdam

“You are very talented in capturing the audience and keeping us engaged, and you have always original ideas!! You are always ready to defend your ideas and thoughts, which as a designer is super valuable. That can make you look a bit stubborn sometimes but you are always open to discussing and feedback, and if the other person gives you a valid solid argument then you are totally open, which is awesome. You take research very serious and I value a lot that you follow your own rhythm when starting a project. You don’t panic because of the lack of time, you just like to focus on the problem at hand and slowly build the solution. I think you are great at both UX & UI.”

#bootcamp #ux-ui-design #learning #growing

photo nicky smout

Nicky Smout

"Jan has built my website in a short time. He has clearly guided the entire process with an overview, made a realistic planning and clearly described the steps I had to take. The cooperation and communication with Jan went very smooth. I have always quickly received a clear answer to all my questions. He taught me how to work with WordPress, thought along, and I can still ask questions free of charge during one month after the launch of my new website. He offers good service and charges very reasonable rates. In short, warmly recommended!!"

#website #html #css #wordpress #seo #responsive

"In een korte tijd heeft Jan mijn site gebouwd. Hij heeft het hele proces helder begeleid vanuit overzicht, hij heeft een realistische planning gemaakt en de stappen die ik moest zetten concreet beschreven. De samenwerking en communicatie met Jan liep uiterst soepel. Ik kreeg op al mijn vragen snel en helder antwoord. Hij heeft me geleerd met WordPress te werken, denkt mee en ik kan de eerste maand kosteloos vragen stellen. Hij biedt een goede service en hanteert een heel schappelijk tarief. Kort om; warm aan te bevelen!!"

#website #html #css #wordpress #seo #responsive

photo sander meuwese

Sander Meuwese
Founder of MakeThis

"I was very satisfied with Jan's work. Apart from having developed the software for me, he thought along on how my wishes could be converted into functionality and user-friendliness. He worked in an organized manner, accurately and delivered within the deadline."

#software-development #plugin #Wordpress #PHP #javascript #html #css

"Ik ben erg tevreden over het werk van Jan. Naast het ontwikkelen van de software dacht hij mee over hoe mijn wensen omgezet konden worden in functionaliteit en gebruiksvriendelijkheid. Hij werkte georganiseerd en daardoor accuraat en leverde binnen de gestelde termijn."

#software-development #plugin #Wordpress #PHP #javascript #html #css

photo anne vlaanderen

Anne Vlaanderen
Workshop Manager

"Jan is a super creative person and often knows how he likes things to be done and the best way to do it. What I do remember is that I sometimes found it difficult to convince him of something else, but that was perhaps also very specific to the situation. What's great is that he likes to share and discuss his opinion, and strives for a higher quality work."

#project-coordination #creative-work

"Jan is een super creatief persoon en weet vaak hoe hij dingen wil en wat de beste manier is om zoiets te doen. Wel wat ik mij herinner is dat ik het soms lastig vond om hem van iets anders te overtuigen, maar dat was wellicht ook heel specifiek voor de situatie. Wat super goed is is dat hij graag zijn mening deelt en kan onderbouwen - en streeft naar een hoge kwaliteit in werk."

#project-coordination #creative-work

photo wanda bloemers

Wanda Bloemers
Interaction Designer

“During my internship at KaboogaBike I experienced Jan as a very driven person, he is passionated about his work. Not only because he was chasing his dream: making KaboogaBike a successful company. But also because of his personality. He will not do things for 90%, when he does something he wants to do it for the full 100%. So he did not ‘just’ start his own company with this own designed bike, he also hired 2 interns to help him with the parts he was not fully satisfied about. As an entrepreneur he is active in networking and making people aware of his wonderful product. As a designer, he has a hands-on approach. He does not get stuck in the thinking, because he knows how important it is to make things in order to translate a concept into an actual product. And as a person, he is nice to work with.”

#entrepreneurship #industrial-design

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