Coding multimedia performance


Program and control an interaction audio/video installation for a dance performance.

In a very experimental stage setting, the audience is encouraged to seek a conversation with the performer and spectators to relax and to observe the sceneries. Moments from homes all around the world as well as real-time footage from local cameras are being projected on the large screen. Suddenly, a live Skype broadcast to Florida takes place. An artist’s family on the other side appears. For the installation, I have programmed a multimedia queue app that controls 2 cameras, 2 beamers, and audio devices.

My Role

IT Specialist, Programmer, Technical support

Date: 03/2011

Client: Karen Bößer (Düsseldorf)

Deliverable: Multimedia queue system

Tools: Air, Flash.

Skills learned: Programming a cross-platform app with Adobe Air

schema of a multimedia stage setup

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